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Aquanta Water Heater Controller Monitoring and Validation Project

More cost-saving. Less greenhouse emission.

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The objective of this M&V project was to validate the effectiveness of Aquanta water heater controller in energy and energy cost savings. The results of this M&V test in pilot homes would leverage Union Gas to support its energy conservation strategy planning by overhauling the energy use in the residential Domestic Hot Water (DHW) systems. By better understanding how people use energy, Ontarians can make informed choices on how to change their behavior to help lower energy consumption and GHG pollution generation– as well as how to save money through reduced energy use.


The scope of this M&V project was to install Aquanta controller in three pilot homes with different occupant numbers and usage patterns. These homes were chosen in different locations in Ontario. In order to make more diversity, pilot homes were selected based on various DHW tank sizes


Pilot Home Locations

Project achievement in reducing GHG emission