BKR Dashboard

A Solution To Prevent Climate Change In Your Own Little Way
BKR Energy Inc @ 2021-02

BKR Dashboard App

BKR Dashboard provides quick access to your home data and configurations.
The Dashboard is available in both Google Play store and Apple App store. The app gives you access to all your system settings, configurations and conditions. You can also check all your home energy reports with clicks.

Smart Switching Table

Smart Saving Solution Designed for Your Own Home
Our platform will analyze your specific home conditions and system settings and customize the best solution for your specific home. The Smart Switching Table is generated every 12-hours based on most recent weather condition and local utility prices.

Today’s Energy Cost

Monitor Today System Performance with One click
Today’s energy report is updated hourly which gives you real-time monitoring to your smart switching system performance. Your can also contribute to the environment saving here with your expected budgets.

Historical Data

View Historical Performance with Summarized data
Interested in the historical performance? Our dashboard app provide up to 7 days quick access to detailed system performance data with one click. We also provide quick search methods to give you access to summarized daily, weekly and monthly system reports.

Our Partners

A smart fuel switching HVAC controller based on cloud technology that allows you to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. See our projects for more information.​