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Micro combined heat and power (mCHP) Monitoring and Validation Project


This project will evaluate the efficiency of a mCHP unit in different criteria. The objective of this M&V project is to calculate the following items:
1- Validate the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the Aisin mCHP unit
2- Validate and quantify capital investment, energy cost saving, and payback time
3- Validate and quantify the effectiveness of the Aisin mCHP unit in GHG emission reduction


The scope of this project contains monitoring the performance of a mCHP unit installed in a residential home. To this end, an online monitoring system is installed to measure different parameters of the HVAC system. mCHP effectiveness in energy, energy cost, and GHG emission savings would be evaluated during summer, shoulder and peak winter seasons.


HVAC system schematic diagram​

Pilot Home Locations

This project applies to a pilot home located in Chatham


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