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Monitoring the Performance of a Hybrid (Gas Furnace + Electric Air Source Heat Pump) System with Smart Controls in Mattamy Housing

More cost-saving. Less greenhouse emission.

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As part of Canada’s commitment to climate change, via the Pan Canadian Framework on Climate Change, Natural Resources Canada has identified heat pumps to be a key technology that can significantly reduce GHG emissions in the residential sector. In this project, to validate the effectiveness of different hybrid systems, BKR smart SFSC controller was implemented in two different pilot homes in Ottawa.


This project seeks to assess the performance of a hybrid system (gas furnace + electric air source heat pump) operating with smart controls. The project will leverage two existing demonstration homes in Orleans, Ontario as test sites for the system. The project will also leverage the smart controls developed previously by BKR Energy to operate the hybrid systems to be installed in the demonstration homes.


Pilot Home Locations