Why Buy a New Heat Pump?

The word HOME has taken on a new importance in the last couple of years. We are all “at home” almost all of the time now. We work, learn, isolate, and basically live at home 24/7. That’s why it is more important than ever to concern ourselves with two particular aspects of the home environment: comfort and expense.

Living in Ontario brings many challenges, and the biggest one could very well be dealing with four seasons and the weather conditions that they bring. Fluctuating temperatures and the cost of energy is consistently on the minds of most homeowners. Purchasing and maintaining the best HVAC systems for our living situations can weigh heavily on the average homeowner.

To add to that, technology is changing the HVAC landscape overall. Where we once had only to consider the use of a furnace and/or window air conditioning unit to manage our comfort levels, the industry has grown and changed by leaps and bounds to address all situations and environments. The latest solution to address the comfort and expense conundrum is the dual fuel heating system.

What is a dual fuel heating system?

In the simplest of terms, a dual fuel system is a combination HVAC system utilizing both a heat pump and a furnace. In general, the primitive/basic system uses a heat pump in hot or mild temperatures (about 3°C/37°F and higher) and the furnace in colder temperatures (about 2°C/35°F and below). It automatically switches between the two, depending on which is the most efficient for the home environment. This saves energy cost and, more importantly, carbon emissions in bringing your home to the desired temperature. These systems work well all year round, conditioning the air and choosing optimal times and methods to do so. This is a long-range plan, as a well maintained dual fuel system typically has a life expectancy of between 20 and 25 years.
dual fuel heating system

How does dual fuel heating system work?

A heat pump transfers warm air from inside your house into an outdoor unit where it gets cooled down before circulating back through your ducts to cool your entire house. The heat pump does most of the work in the fall and spring by providing cost-efficient heat during milder temperatures. Dual fuel heat pumps are best for places that experience all four seasons and varying temperatures, just like all Ontarians.

When winter comes, the dual fuel furnace keeps your entire house warm. Furnaces serve one function – to turn fuel into heat rapidly and efficiently. When the temperature dips, the furnace of your dual fuel system will perform that exact function.

A dual fuel system allows you to use either gas or electricity depending upon which end of the temperature range you’re at. Furnaces heat things up, but they don’t cool them down; therefore, where there are frequent changes in temperature, you will want to invest in air conditioning as well. Heat pumps heat and cool, but need to work hard when operating at extremely cold temperatures, which isn’t the most efficient option. A dual fuel system takes the best features from each type of heating system to create an efficient solution for any climate.


Where do the savings appear?

The ability of a dual fuel heat pump to switch between a furnace and a heat pump is what saves energy, time, and money. Heating systems aren’t necessary during warm weather because they produce no heat; however, heating systems must work hard when there is extreme cold outside. Dual Fuel systems let furnaces do the heavy lifting during cold weather by using natural gas instead of electricity for heating.

It doesn’t mean that the heat pump isn’t working hard enough; rather, it simply means that the heat pump isn’t wasting any extra energy by doing something else than what a conventional heating system would be able to accomplish. A heat pump can keep your house warmer during cold weather by using electricity instead of natural gas. It can even use both forms of heating at once for maximum efficiency. And a dual fuel system allows it to switch between them as required.

dual fuel heating system

Switching back and forth from one function to another isn’t just good for saving energy; it also saves time and costs money. A dual fuel heating/cooling system allows for both gas and electric energy sources to be used together to get your house heated up or cooled down quicker than if just one source was used alone. Besides saving you money by reducing energy waste, having an efficient HVAC system helps to keep your house comfortable in every season. Dual fuel heat pumps are a homeowner’s dream!

Why choose BKR Energy to design an HVAC system for the most comfort and the best energy savings?

Providing a comfortable environment for your family and yourself needn’t be complicated. BKR Energy makes it easy to choose the best system for your home that will suit your needs.

  • We make your home’s thermal comfort affordable and accessible.

The Smart Fuel Switching Controller (SFSC) is the epitome of green innovation, optimizing your hybrid HVAC system’s performance to help you save money.

  • Our Smart Saving Solution platform will analyze your specific home conditions and system settings and customize the best solution for your specific home.
  • The Smart Switching Table is generated every 12 hours, based on current weather conditions and local utility prices.
  • The BKR Dashboard provides quick access to your home data and configurations. The app gives you access to all your system settings, configurations, and conditions. You can also check all of your home energy reports with clicks in the app.
  • We provide customer support videos for even more about how to get the most from your dual fuel HVAC system.

We’re here for you

We’ll help you choose the best dual fuel HVAC system for your home. Let’s work together to design the perfectly sized offering for your preferred thermal comfort, while lowering your energy bills.

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