A Solution to Prevent Climate Change
in Your Own Little Way
More Energy Cost Saving,
Less Green House Gas Emission.
The Future is Bright
Smart Dual Fuel Switching Technology Integration
Technology that Protect the Environment
and Your Pocket
Energy Cost Optimization and GHG Emission Redution
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About us

Climate change is caused by human behaviour. Therefore, fighting climate change means transforming the way we live. To make a change we need to have information, tools, and assistance. Regardless of the fact that utilities energy conservation programs have benefited many consumers, this ongoing trend of emissions growth calls for bolder action. BKR Energy provides required information and tools for Ontarians to reduce their HVAC system effects on climate change without compromising their thermal comfort. BKR Energy innovative technology gives customers choice by creating competitive conditions for the adoption of a low-carbon technology.


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A smart fuel switching HVAC controller based on cloud technology that allows you to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. See our projects for more information.​

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BKR Energy Inc.

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